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Rexach & Antonio Soccer Academy is run by Guardianship Co. Ltd.

The name of the company comes from the combination of two different images or ideas: the image of a guardian deity (守護神の精神) and the idea of a knight, a rider (騎士道). And this because the main purpose of Guardianship Co. Ltd. is to bring up to the society not only talented graduates students, but students who also had the chance to be trained in multiple disciplines at the same time, having in this way more chances to out stand and contribute in this world.

In this way, our company has been running for the last 20 years all kind of recruiting events, work-related orientation seminars, and a huge range of activities in order to support and guide to the new generations of students who decided to specialize in sports training at the same time as they continued with their academic careers.

In the recent years, the different markets seems to continue asking for a more “internationalized” professional workers. Not only with languages skills and cross-cultural understanding, but also with other characteristics like “curiosity”, “spirit of challenge”, “independence” and a “discipline”.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry estimated that from 2012 to 2017, the country will need around 2.400.000 more professionals, having a total of 4.120.000 people needed by the society. In this moment only a small amount of 333.000 foreigners live in Japan, which means there is going to be a even bigger demand of human resorses in the next years. In this context, RAFA will fight to bring up to the society promising soccer players of course, but also the kind of workers that the current world is asking for, assuring in this way a future for both, the society and students themselves.


Guardianship Co. Ltd.

Executive Director, Hironori Kita

Guardianship Co.Ltd