Let’s study not only foreign languages, but also our own culture at the same time!

Foreign languages are an essential communication tool these days and it’s very important that we learn how to use them too in order to success. But to be honest, as important as this training is, it will be meaningless if at the end of the day we have nothing relevant to say.

Travelling abroad I realized people wanted to know about my country, about my culture, my history and so on, and in that moment I realized that all my languages training became useless when I was asked about Japan, and even about myself.

We live in a moment when not only the number of young people is decreasing, but also the number of students who decide to study abroad. As the country is getting old, many students decide to stay in Japan as they don’t feel the need to study outside anymore.

But in the soccer wolrd it happens exactly the opposite thing, as studying abroad is a fundamental step to become a professional player. It was no more than 100 soccer students who decided to train abroad in 2000, and we are talking about more than 2000 students every year nowdays.

The J League started only 21 years ago and there is still a long way it has to go through. There is still a lot of soccer we can learn from overseas and a lot of soccer we can bring into Japan. But travelling to other countries without the right guidance and the right conections can suppose a big amount of money and time. An experience that many other japanese students ended up giving up scared because of not seing a stable future about it.

In this context RAFA will try to help of these students who dream to become professional players in their first steps to continue their training abroad. Top level coaches, conections, overseas expeditions, try outs, guidance, education and more. RAFA you in your dream.




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