Frequently Asked Questions

RAFA “Rexach & Antonio Soccer Academy” Q&A

What kind of courses does RAFA offer?
In this moment RAFA offers the next options:
– U18 Course (15 to 18 years old).
– U23 Course (18 to 23 years old).
– Coaching Course (any age).
– Feminine curse (In preparation).
– Night courses (19:30 to 21:00) (In preparation).

Could you tell me more about the instructors?
The main instructor will be Antonio de la Cruz, a professional top level coach very experienced in the methods that FC Barcelona uses in Spain to train their youngest generations. To know more about him, please check our Home Site introduction.
What are my chances of continuing my training abroad?
To be able to study abroad, it´s very important to have not only good soccer skills, but also mental strength, perseverance and to be able to communicate in other languages. We believe that through this training and through the study in our school, the candidates will be able to develop all those characteristics. And once every summer, several students may be selected for a short time trip to study abroad in countries like Spain, Portugal or others.
What are my chances that this training and education lead me to play in a professional league?
JThe players with the proper skills will have chances to play in professional leagues not only in Japan (J League), but also in other major Asian, European and Latin American leagues too.

As well, it was already arranged that 2 times per year, different professional teams will run their tryout tests in our facilities at Chikuho Green Field.

Can this training help me to get any other job related to soccer apart from be a player?
With no doubt, as this training is not only thought for soccer players but also for sport trainers, interpreters, agents and any other profession related with soccer.

In this way, as you train in our school, you will have the time to understand what is important for you and what would you like to do in the future. For taking all these decisions, you will always have the support and advise of our school.

How much money are the fees to train in this school?
The admission fee is 100,000 yen, and the tuition fee is 50,000 yen per month.

There is a chance it may be necessary to purchase the school uniform, the team bag or others.

Please be aware that this fees are independent from the fees of the academy.

Do I have to do any test in order to be admitted in the school?
There is not. We consider that there is no meaning in stopping someone from being admitted and train with us as long as he shares the same passion for soccer us his other partners.

About the accommodation and others

Is there any dormitory I can stay in?
We have a dormitory available for our students with breakfast and dinner included from Mondays to Fridays. In case of Saturdays and Sundays, every student should consult directly with the dormitory landlord.

Single rooms and double rooms have different prices. In this moment, the price of a single room is 55,000 yen per month.

What kind of food will I have?
Every student will get specific meals in order to carry the most suitable diet for his condition, always consulting with dietitian´s opinion.
What about the health care in case of injury or illness?
In case of any emergency or sudden disease, there is a hospital in 5 minutes distance by car from the field and the dormitories. The school has also medical staff who, in order to prevent from future injuries, will check the students condition individually and in a daily basis (including massages and other care treatments). It will be this medical staff too who will guide and support the students in case of having to go to a specialized hospital due to a major injury or disease.
Can I do part time job in the meanwhile?
Training is from Mondays to Fridays, so it is totally possible to have a part time job in the meanwhile. However the students will have to report to the school secretary about their jobs previosly.

Depending on the circumstances, there is a chance the school secretary decides to mediate in anyway about it.

How can the students commute between the field and the dormitories?
The field, the office, the classrooms and the dormitories are relatively close to each other and it is perfectly possible to commute to any of this places in less than 10 minutes using a bicycle or by bus.

However, students of the U18 class won´t be allowed to ride a bycicle inside the facilities for security reasons.

What kind of place is Izuka?
Izuka is a city located in Fukuoka Prefecture, approximately in the middle between Fukuoka city and Kitakyushu city, taking around 30 minutes by train (JR Line) to go to both central Hakata Station (Fukuoka) and Kokura Station (Kitakyushu). It´s also around 40 minutes by car from Fukuoka Airport.

Izuka is known for being a very green and natural area with very high standards in education and culture.

About the education

Will I get a High School Diploma in this school?
Yes, you will get a Diploma once you graduate from our course. Thanks to our collaboration with Kamimuragakuen Academy, students will receive lessons after their training from 3pm every weekday.
Can I transfer and continue my studies in your academy even though I am already studying in a different high school?
Yes, you can. Kamimuragakuen will support you during all the transfer procedure. We also suggest you to consult yours teachers in your current high school.
How much does it cost this tuition?
It will depend on the time of the year that you join the school. For more information about this we suggest you to contact Kamimuragakuen Academy directly.
Is there any difference between the diploma I get in a high school and the diploma I get with your academy?
No, there is no difference. It´s true that the content of the curriculum and the way to study will differ in some points, but still the qualification received will have exactly the same value.
What is the contact information of Kamimuragakuen Academy?
You will find their contact information checking the next link:
Is there any difference or special characteristic in this Academy among others?
Yes, there is. Understanding that all our students will share a common interest in the world of soccer, we consider that it´s essential to have a more international education than usual high schools and therefore the study of languages like English or Spanish will take a important part in your curriculum.

At the same time, to develop mental strength and motivate the students, our school will regularly have the visit of distinguished business men and entrepreneurs so they can lecture us about their success.

How will lessons be held?
In the same way as a regular high school, lessons will be held from Mondays to Fridays but from 3pm, with different teachers to lecture the students in the different subjects skills.